Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) Awards 2012


Jo Ann Bas, an Accounting and Payroll Administrator graduate from Vancouver Career College shares her post-secondary success story. Having already completed a degree in accounting, Jo Ann wanted to upgrade her skills and knowledge through a diploma program in order to enhance her job opportunities. She credits her industry-experienced instructors at Vancouver Career College with helping her get a better understanding of on-the-job issues and challenges, which she was able to take with her into her career.

Congratulations to Jo Ann for placing among the top three highest marks on the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) exam. She was recognized with an award at the CPA Pacific Region luncheon.

Multitasking can be a blessing and a curse for accounting and payroll administrators. While the skill can help a person get several assignments rolling at once, it can also contribute to mistakes and absent-mindedness which can result in carelessly done work, according to a Harvard Business Review.

To prevent this situation from happening in the workplace, accounting professionals can take a step back and return their focus on one important task at a time. Employees can become overwhelmed when too many assignments fall into their laps and make minor mistakes that could be avoided with a little extra attention.

One way for workers to prevent losing focus is to identify the types of distractions that steal their attention. By recognizing them ahead of time, people can steer away from this type of behavior and move on to the duties that they must accomplish.

When people multitask, their brain has a hard time letting go of the last project it was working on. Workers can shift gears by engaging in a different activity before diving into the assignment, such as going for a walk, climbing stairs or heading out for lunch.


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