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Maria is a student in the Early Childhood Education program at Vancouver Career College. A mother of six, Maria decided to further her education when inquiring about programs at Vancouver Career College for her son. The Admissions Representative was so helpful, the experience convinced Maria that this was the school for her!

Maria loves the intimate classes at the college, which create a supportive family environment. Staff and instructors are always around to help, which is another reason Maria has found her time at Vancouver Career College to be a rewarding experience.

With the skills and knowledge gained from the Early Childhood Education program, Maria will be able to work in public or private daycares or even start up her own business! She also feels her new skills will help her better take care of her growing family!

In addition, here are some educational and exploratory activities an early childhood educator should be learning about during their early childhood education curriculum:

– Setting up an open space of pop-up toys, brightly colored-balls, scarves, blocks and stuffed animals for infants to independently explore.
– Reading books, with visual and tactile pages.
– Providing music times where babies can clap their hands, tap a drum or move to songs.
– Taking infants outside to observe flowers, hear birds chirp and see chipmunks feeding.
– Allowing babies to smell different mediums such as vanilla, apple juice, grass and flowers.
– Continuously talking to each infant during personal care and activity times; this contributes to their language development.
– Echoing back when babies make sounds to emulate conversation.


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