Vancouver Career College Grad Discusses Construction Electrician Foundation Program


Travis Nieken, a graduate of Vancouver Career College’s Construction Electrician Foundation program, got his life back on track at Vancouver Career College. Here, he talks candidly about his college experience. With six campuses in BC, Vancouver Career College has just one objective: give you the tools to excel in your chosen career.

The career prospects for electricians in Canada are among the top in the trades industry. Electricians can be employed in large industrial facilities, on construction sites or run their own small business with a specific client niche. Depending on your preference, you can choose to work with heavy-duty machinery, home electrical systems, operations equipment or robotic machines. The growth of residential and commercial construction projects means that electricians will find opportunities for rewarding jobs.

The Construction Electrician Foundation program combines technical training with practical experience and essential skills that will enable graduates to start the first stage of their apprenticeship. Over the course of 27 weeks, they’ll learn about circuits, meters, testing equipment, use of power tools and more. They also gain valuable hands-on experience in a field study.

Graduates of the program will be able to find employment as electrical apprentices, installing and maintaining electrical power, lighting, heating, alarm and communication systems in various settings.


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