Vancouver Career College Health Care Assistant Student Balances Her Family and Career


Amanda, a Heath Care Assistant student at Vancouver Career College Abbotsford campus, was inspired by her passion for helping others to become a health care practitioner. She enrolled in Vancouver Career College as a single mother and is proud to have followed her dream career while showing her family that she could graduate with a post-secondary education. With six campuses in BC, Vancouver Career College has just one objective: give you the tools to excel in your chosen career.

Health care assistants are an integral part of the healthcare system in British Columbia. As the population ages, there will continue to be an even greater need for these professionals in the coming years. In response, Vancouver Career College has introduced the Health Care Assistant Advanced Practice program to provide students with the education they need to become skilled, compassionate caregivers.

“As the role of health care assistants in BC evolves, HCAs will require a wider range of knowledge and skills to keep up with their scope of practice,” says Larry Heinzlmeir, VP of Marketing for Vancouver Career College. “In the Health Care Assistant Advanced Practice program, students not only learn the essentials of caregiving, they explore advanced topics to prepare them for broader roles on the job.”

The Health Care Assistant Advanced Practice program uses hands-on training methods so students learn to respond to the emotional, psychological and physical needs of their clients. They learn to assist people living with dementia, physical and mental challenges and other common health problems. They also learn about interpersonal communications and lifestyle choices. The advanced practice courses cover acute care, mental health and behavior management, developmental disabilities, recreation program planning and palliative care.

Prior to graduation, students participate in a series of practicum placements, allowing them to gain valuable on-the-job experience in the field. They can also add a number of certifications to their resumes including certificates for Standard First Aid, CPR “C”, WHMIS and FoodSafe Level 1.


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