Nursing as a Career

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I’m Nicole and I’m a first semester practical nursing student at Vancouver Career College.

I’ve been in a care aide for the past seven years on an acute floor. I found myself wanting always do more and to be able to help more. The next logical step was to become a Practical Nurse (PN).

After the first week of classes I knew that it was the right decision and that was the right way to go.

It took about six months. I applied to many different places. My first criteria was location. Close to home was where I started my search and as little waitlist as possible.

I was excited and I didn’t want to wait another day. I wanted to get started and finish it and start working.

It has been always somebody available to answer a question. They provide tutoring if we ask for it. They open this lab to practice on our own time and there is somebody here available to answer questions. It seems that they relate the curriculum back to the real life so that it kind of syncs it in a little better.

For this course time management is key. You need to be a good time manager and there is a lot involved — a lot of work.

Eventually I would love to become a Registered Nurse (RN), but until then I am interested in trauma — Emergency Room.

I would say that post-secondary education is a lot different than high school. You need to be prepared to put in work if you want to succeed.

Медсестра рассказывает свою историю
ممرضة تروي قصتها
Flegistino rakontas lian historion
Sairaanhoitaja kertoo hänen tarinansa
Infirmière raconte son histoire
Krankenschwester erzählt ihre Geschichte
Νοσοκόμα αφηγείται την ιστορία της
אחות מספרת את סיפורה
नर्स उसकी कहानी कहता है
간호사는 그녀의 이야기
پرستار داستان او را می گوید
A enfermeira conta sua história
Enfermera cuenta su historia

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