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Vancouver Career College Practical Nursing Program

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Mary Nicholls
Vancouver Career College lab coordinator
I am the lab coordinator in the practical nursing program. I have been here since 2007 and I have been in this role since 2008. I have been practicing Licensed Practical Nurse for thirty eight years and I still currently practice at Surry Memorial Hospital.

Nursing and Health Facts
As of 2013, there is a demand in British Columbia for 18400 more health workers.
The BC Labor Market predicts that nursing employment will continue to grow in the coming years.

Mary Nicholls
Vancouver Career College lab coordinator
I feel that our students are very prepared and it shows with the last three national licensing exams. We achieved a hundred percent pass rate; so, it makes us here at Vancouver Career College very happy. We know that we have prepared them to not only pass the national exams, but be out there practicing safely.

Nursing and Health Facts
According to Work BC, it is projected that 56% of Licensed Practical Nursing job openings will be from retirements and 44% will be from expansion.
Nurses play a pivotal role in the quality of our healthcare. The Licensed Practical Nursing field is expected to grow approximately 2.3 — 2.8% by 2020

Vancouver Career College graduate
You are like a family here when you come to Vancouver Career College. Right from the moment I came and talked about the program Vancouver Career College staff and faculty offered me everything — all the information I needed and they showed me around the school. I felt really welcomed and that was a huge deciding factor for me.

Nursing and Health Facts
The average age of nurses is 43.4 years of age (Source: Canadian Institute of Health Information)
The nursing workforce is aging. As people in this field grow older, employers will be looking for younger nurses to take their place.

Vancouver Career College student
I always wanted to be a nurse. It has always been a dream of mine. When I contacted Vancouver Career College it was very easy to enroll. I have been graduated for eleven years from high school, but it was very easy to transition and to come to college.

Nursing and Health Facts
In a Statistics Canada census, 51% of Licensed Practical Nurses work in hospitals, 37% in nursing homes, and only a small percentage work in local health centres.
These areas indicate where employers will be looking to hire new nurses in the coming years.

Vancouver Career College instructor
The most rewarding part of my job is to have the Vancouver Career College students succeed. Here at the college we provide the one on one training with the students as well; so, I am always with the students and I am able to watch each and every student work through every skill set. Also, at the Vancouver Career College we have small class sizes where the students can benefit from the program.

Post-secondary education is a necessity in today’s workplace, and can be the deciding factor in whether or not a job candidate makes it to the next round of the application process. While relevant field experience is also important, a fundamental post-secondary education shows employers that students are serious enough about their future.

This fact has proven true in a number of reports, including one from the Bank of Montreal (BMO), the Vancouver Sun reports. According to the study, a total of 70 per cent of Canadian employers look for candidates with post-secondary education, and of those, one-third are looking for applicants who have specialized educational backgrounds, including training in healthcare, legal studies and business.

“On average, the better educated you are, the more likely you will find work,” Sal Guatieri, BMO senior economist, stated in a press release. “The employment rate for post-secondary graduates was 71 per cent in 2011, compared with 62 per cent for those with just a high school diploma and only 40 per cent for those who did not finish high school.”

Upgrading Your Skills is Easy at Vancouver Career College

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Jana is a Business Administration/E-Commerce student at Vancouver Career College.

After working as an immigration counsellor in Montreal, Jana wanted to switch careers and find a job in administration. The program at Vancouver Career College presents interesting, challenging course material that helps to build the confidence needed to be successful in the workplace.

With supportive staff and instructors, Jana’s experience at Vancouver Career College has been very rewarding. She has no doubt that the Business Administration/E-Commerce program has given her the skills she needs to succeed.

What is your definition of a receptionist? For many companies, receptionist jobs are created to have a first point of contact for any incoming customers, employees or callers because it can make a great first impression. It is the receptionist’s duty to ensure that callers and people walking in the door are taken care of and that a good business image is presented to the public. In fact, often the receptionist’s positive attitude and helpfulness shapes the customer’s experience with a business.