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Vancouver Career College Practical Nursing Program


Mary Nicholls
Vancouver Career College lab coordinator
I am the lab coordinator in the practical nursing program. I have been here since 2007 and I have been in this role since 2008. I have been practicing Licensed Practical Nurse for thirty eight years and I still currently practice at Surry Memorial Hospital.

Nursing and Health Facts
As of 2013, there is a demand in British Columbia for 18400 more health workers.
The BC Labor Market predicts that nursing employment will continue to grow in the coming years.

Mary Nicholls
Vancouver Career College lab coordinator
I feel that our students are very prepared and it shows with the last three national licensing exams. We achieved a hundred percent pass rate; so, it makes us here at Vancouver Career College very happy. We know that we have prepared them to not only pass the national exams, but be out there practicing safely.

Nursing and Health Facts
According to Work BC, it is projected that 56% of Licensed Practical Nursing job openings will be from retirements and 44% will be from expansion.
Nurses play a pivotal role in the quality of our healthcare. The Licensed Practical Nursing field is expected to grow approximately 2.3 — 2.8% by 2020

Vancouver Career College graduate
You are like a family here when you come to Vancouver Career College. Right from the moment I came and talked about the program Vancouver Career College staff and faculty offered me everything — all the information I needed and they showed me around the school. I felt really welcomed and that was a huge deciding factor for me.

Nursing and Health Facts
The average age of nurses is 43.4 years of age (Source: Canadian Institute of Health Information)
The nursing workforce is aging. As people in this field grow older, employers will be looking for younger nurses to take their place.

Vancouver Career College student
I always wanted to be a nurse. It has always been a dream of mine. When I contacted Vancouver Career College it was very easy to enroll. I have been graduated for eleven years from high school, but it was very easy to transition and to come to college.

Nursing and Health Facts
In a Statistics Canada census, 51% of Licensed Practical Nurses work in hospitals, 37% in nursing homes, and only a small percentage work in local health centres.
These areas indicate where employers will be looking to hire new nurses in the coming years.

Vancouver Career College instructor
The most rewarding part of my job is to have the Vancouver Career College students succeed. Here at the college we provide the one on one training with the students as well; so, I am always with the students and I am able to watch each and every student work through every skill set. Also, at the Vancouver Career College we have small class sizes where the students can benefit from the program.

Post-secondary education is a necessity in today’s workplace, and can be the deciding factor in whether or not a job candidate makes it to the next round of the application process. While relevant field experience is also important, a fundamental post-secondary education shows employers that students are serious enough about their future.

This fact has proven true in a number of reports, including one from the Bank of Montreal (BMO), the Vancouver Sun reports. According to the study, a total of 70 per cent of Canadian employers look for candidates with post-secondary education, and of those, one-third are looking for applicants who have specialized educational backgrounds, including training in healthcare, legal studies and business.

“On average, the better educated you are, the more likely you will find work,” Sal Guatieri, BMO senior economist, stated in a press release. “The employment rate for post-secondary graduates was 71 per cent in 2011, compared with 62 per cent for those with just a high school diploma and only 40 per cent for those who did not finish high school.”

Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) Awards 2012


Jo Ann Bas, an Accounting and Payroll Administrator graduate from Vancouver Career College shares her post-secondary success story. Having already completed a degree in accounting, Jo Ann wanted to upgrade her skills and knowledge through a diploma program in order to enhance her job opportunities. She credits her industry-experienced instructors at Vancouver Career College with helping her get a better understanding of on-the-job issues and challenges, which she was able to take with her into her career.

Congratulations to Jo Ann for placing among the top three highest marks on the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) exam. She was recognized with an award at the CPA Pacific Region luncheon.

Multitasking can be a blessing and a curse for accounting and payroll administrators. While the skill can help a person get several assignments rolling at once, it can also contribute to mistakes and absent-mindedness which can result in carelessly done work, according to a Harvard Business Review.

To prevent this situation from happening in the workplace, accounting professionals can take a step back and return their focus on one important task at a time. Employees can become overwhelmed when too many assignments fall into their laps and make minor mistakes that could be avoided with a little extra attention.

One way for workers to prevent losing focus is to identify the types of distractions that steal their attention. By recognizing them ahead of time, people can steer away from this type of behavior and move on to the duties that they must accomplish.

When people multitask, their brain has a hard time letting go of the last project it was working on. Workers can shift gears by engaging in a different activity before diving into the assignment, such as going for a walk, climbing stairs or heading out for lunch.

Vancouver Career College Health Care Assistant Student Balances Her Family and Career


Amanda, a Heath Care Assistant student at Vancouver Career College Abbotsford campus, was inspired by her passion for helping others to become a health care practitioner. She enrolled in Vancouver Career College as a single mother and is proud to have followed her dream career while showing her family that she could graduate with a post-secondary education. With six campuses in BC, Vancouver Career College has just one objective: give you the tools to excel in your chosen career.

Health care assistants are an integral part of the healthcare system in British Columbia. As the population ages, there will continue to be an even greater need for these professionals in the coming years. In response, Vancouver Career College has introduced the Health Care Assistant Advanced Practice program to provide students with the education they need to become skilled, compassionate caregivers.

“As the role of health care assistants in BC evolves, HCAs will require a wider range of knowledge and skills to keep up with their scope of practice,” says Larry Heinzlmeir, VP of Marketing for Vancouver Career College. “In the Health Care Assistant Advanced Practice program, students not only learn the essentials of caregiving, they explore advanced topics to prepare them for broader roles on the job.”

The Health Care Assistant Advanced Practice program uses hands-on training methods so students learn to respond to the emotional, psychological and physical needs of their clients. They learn to assist people living with dementia, physical and mental challenges and other common health problems. They also learn about interpersonal communications and lifestyle choices. The advanced practice courses cover acute care, mental health and behavior management, developmental disabilities, recreation program planning and palliative care.

Prior to graduation, students participate in a series of practicum placements, allowing them to gain valuable on-the-job experience in the field. They can also add a number of certifications to their resumes including certificates for Standard First Aid, CPR “C”, WHMIS and FoodSafe Level 1.

Vancouver Career College Grad Discusses Construction Electrician Foundation Program


Travis Nieken, a graduate of Vancouver Career College’s Construction Electrician Foundation program, got his life back on track at Vancouver Career College. Here, he talks candidly about his college experience. With six campuses in BC, Vancouver Career College has just one objective: give you the tools to excel in your chosen career.

The career prospects for electricians in Canada are among the top in the trades industry. Electricians can be employed in large industrial facilities, on construction sites or run their own small business with a specific client niche. Depending on your preference, you can choose to work with heavy-duty machinery, home electrical systems, operations equipment or robotic machines. The growth of residential and commercial construction projects means that electricians will find opportunities for rewarding jobs.

The Construction Electrician Foundation program combines technical training with practical experience and essential skills that will enable graduates to start the first stage of their apprenticeship. Over the course of 27 weeks, they’ll learn about circuits, meters, testing equipment, use of power tools and more. They also gain valuable hands-on experience in a field study.

Graduates of the program will be able to find employment as electrical apprentices, installing and maintaining electrical power, lighting, heating, alarm and communication systems in various settings.

A Vancouver Career College Paralegal Grad’s Inspiring Story


From high school dropout to class valedictorian – Agnes Suttie tells how Vancouver Career College’s Paralegal program helped change her life. With six campuses in BC, Vancouver Career College has just one objective: give you the tools to excel in your chosen career.

Many students enroll in college programs to acquire the skill set needed in their career field of choice. For those interested in training for legal administrative careers, the future looks promising based on feedback from employers in the field.

Where the Legal Jobs are Headed
Robert Half Legal, a legal staffing firm, recently conducted a survey of employers across Canada to find out which fields should be hiring in 2013.

More than 31 per cent of respondents reported that the area of general business and corporate law would have the most job opportunities open up throughout the year. That was closely followed by litigation, which 29 per cent of law professionals said would be hiring.

While those segments dominated the top spots, many other areas also registered as a possible destination for aspiring professionals looking for jobs. Sectors like labour and employment, intellectual property and family law all received votes of confidence and could grow as the year progresses.

Employers Fighting for Top Talent
Despite the fact that a few specific sectors within the field of law should be offering numerous job opportunities throughout the year, the competition among firms should be stiff as they all try to hire the best talent. Positions are available, but employers are holding out for skilled, capable workers – and they are having a hard time finding them.

According to the survey, about 23 per cent of people said it was very challenging to find skilled professionals in the legal sphere, while an additional 44 per cent said it was somewhat challenging. Less than one-quarter of people said they had no problems finding workers.

With so many firms struggling to find top talent, these businesses are willing to do whatever it takes to become attractive to employees.

“Competition for top legal talent is rising as law firms strive to meet client requests and augment their teams to expand service offerings,” said John Ohnjec, a director with Robert Half Legal. “… With many law firms and companies hiring from the same talent pool, employers are revising their retention programs to avoid losing valued staff members to other organizations.”

Upgrading Your Skills is Easy at Vancouver Career College


Jana is a Business Administration/E-Commerce student at Vancouver Career College.

After working as an immigration counsellor in Montreal, Jana wanted to switch careers and find a job in administration. The program at Vancouver Career College presents interesting, challenging course material that helps to build the confidence needed to be successful in the workplace.

With supportive staff and instructors, Jana’s experience at Vancouver Career College has been very rewarding. She has no doubt that the Business Administration/E-Commerce program has given her the skills she needs to succeed.

What is your definition of a receptionist? For many companies, receptionist jobs are created to have a first point of contact for any incoming customers, employees or callers because it can make a great first impression. It is the receptionist’s duty to ensure that callers and people walking in the door are taken care of and that a good business image is presented to the public. In fact, often the receptionist’s positive attitude and helpfulness shapes the customer’s experience with a business.

Join the Vancouver Career College Family


Maria is a student in the Early Childhood Education program at Vancouver Career College. A mother of six, Maria decided to further her education when inquiring about programs at Vancouver Career College for her son. The Admissions Representative was so helpful, the experience convinced Maria that this was the school for her!

Maria loves the intimate classes at the college, which create a supportive family environment. Staff and instructors are always around to help, which is another reason Maria has found her time at Vancouver Career College to be a rewarding experience.

With the skills and knowledge gained from the Early Childhood Education program, Maria will be able to work in public or private daycares or even start up her own business! She also feels her new skills will help her better take care of her growing family!

In addition, here are some educational and exploratory activities an early childhood educator should be learning about during their early childhood education curriculum:

– Setting up an open space of pop-up toys, brightly colored-balls, scarves, blocks and stuffed animals for infants to independently explore.
– Reading books, with visual and tactile pages.
– Providing music times where babies can clap their hands, tap a drum or move to songs.
– Taking infants outside to observe flowers, hear birds chirp and see chipmunks feeding.
– Allowing babies to smell different mediums such as vanilla, apple juice, grass and flowers.
– Continuously talking to each infant during personal care and activity times; this contributes to their language development.
– Echoing back when babies make sounds to emulate conversation.

Graduation at Vancouver Career College


Vancouver Career College graduates talk about earning their career college diplomas. See highlights of the graduation ceremony and grads from Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Abbotsford and Chilliwack.

Once you’ve worked with our Admissions Representative to determine your career and education path, you’ll be well on your way.

Our training programs combine a theoretical approach to education with hands-on training so you develop the knowledge base and the skill set that employers in your chosen career field demand. Having the competitive advantage will ensure that you are well-equipped to pursue your career aspirations.

As a Vancouver Career College student you will learn from industry-experienced instructors in small classes that allow for personalized learning. This means you get the individual attention you need, when you need it in an intimate classroom.

Meanwhile, Vancouver Career College programs ensure that students are familiar with the fundamentals in their field so they have a solid foundation before delving into specialized courses. Each subject is covered one at a time in a progressive manner, so you can master a specific skill set before moving on.

Once you’ve learned on campus, you will get an opportunity to apply your skills during a practicum placement in a real workplace. This on-the-job training will be invaluable during the job search. You will also learn the essential skills to search for and obtain employment in your chosen field to help you transition smoothly from student to worker.

Enroll at Vancouver Career College


Vancouver Career College provides quality, higher education opportunities at affordable rates at various college campuses across BC. Programs in areas such as business, health care, trades, education, art and design, and legal give prospective students progressive and accomplished alternatives in higher education.

With so many programs to choose from, finding a program that best suits your desired career can be overwhelming. Vancouver Career College welcomes you by providing expert guidance to help you make these important life-changing decisions.

Depending on the program you are interested in, there may be specific entrance requirements you must meet prior to receiving approval for admission to Vancouver Career College. An Admissions Representative at your campus will provide you with specific information about your educational program so you can make an informed decision about your future. Your Admissions Representative will also provide you with information on scholarships that may be available.

Your Admissions Representative will discuss your career goals and aspirations and provide their recommendations about the program options available to you. This will enable you to feel confident with your decisions as you proceed on this new educational journey.

The Admissions Representative will also give you a complete Career Assessment, which will measure the essential skills and abilities needed to successfully complete our diploma programs. You will also learn more about the courses and training available to you through these highly regarded programs.

Where to Study in British Columbia


At Vancouver Career College your success is our main focus and we want you to have the best educational experience possible. At every campus, you will find a supportive faculty, staff and students who are all committed to excellence in their career fields.

Vancouver Career College provides quality, higher education opportunities at affordable rates at various college campuses across BC. Programs in areas such as business, health care, trades, education, art and design, and legal give prospective students progressive and accomplished alternatives in higher education.